Mars Experience



If you are looking for an online teambuilding challenge that combines fun, team work, time & stress management, leadership and communication skills, look no further.

Mars landscape

Mission to Mars is much more than a standard Escape Game, it’s the ultimate themed collaboration challenge available in English and Spanish and suitable for groups of 10 to 1000 participants, split into teams of 5 to 7 persons. Teams work on a complex problem where information is distributed across the different team members. They must leverage all their remote working, collaboration and communication skills to obtain the code to launch the mission to Mars and escape from Earth.


Mission to Mars Virtual challenge is an original, fun and dynamic (against the clock) team Building activity designed for high performing teams. This is more than just a fun game, it is also an opportunity for you to analize the virtual collaboration skills within the group (how to communicate in an efficient way while doing home working or simply when working in different cities/countries, what communication platform to use and how, how to select and share the relevant information only, etc).

Operations board

Also, Mission to Mars lasts from 1h to 2h, has several levels of difficulty and different themes, so allowing to have one same group challenge itself at up to 4 games, from « easy » to « highly complex », which makes it a unique training tool for the ones looking to add a serious/learning element to the fun part of the challenge. As it’s a virtual activity, we will use the online collaboration/conference/webinars platform usually used by the client and provide participants with additional breakout rooms allowing additional collaboration functionalities such as chat, collaborative document sharing, etc.